Some frequent questions:

How do I start operating with Redexpress?

Call our office in Buenos Aires (54-11) 4312-6555 or contact us via e-mail: and our specialized staff will select and offer you the most suitable proposal according to your needs.



Which will be my address in the United States?

12307 SW 133 Court
Miami, FL 33186



What is the cost of the service?

We offer different rate options, depending on the number of consignments and average volumes (kilograms) transported per month. Our staff will help you to evaluate which option better suits your needs.



What kind of goods can I have transported?

You can receive and/or send any kind of goods, provided that each consignment does not exceed the “courier” limits stated in LINK A – “Restrictions for the reception of postal packages”, pursuant to the provisions of the Customs rules in effect (restricted goods, prohibited items, etc.).

Should your consignment exceed any of those limits, our staff will advise you as to the best option for transportation and service.



How often can I receive and/or send consignments?

You can send or receive consignments on a daily basis through the Global Express Door to Door service.

For the P.O. Box service, we will receive your consignments in Miami three times a week; and you will be able to send your consignments from Buenos Aires with the same frequency.