Frequency in the reception of packages and correspondence
RED EXPRESS receives and classifies correspondence and packages on a daily basis from customers in Miami, remitting them to Buenos Aires on next-day reception. Every time mail or packages are received in Buenos Aires to your attention, Redexpress will notify you via e-mail.

Reception of Packages
As a package arrives (from your Box abroad), our Operations Center in Buenos Aires is automatically notified and will inform you of the arrival and ask you to provide any required documentation. Our specialized staff will inform you what customs duties (as applicable) are to be paid for the entry and clearance of your goods in the country.
In order to facilitate these proceedings, you can anticipate via fax (54-11) 4312-6555) or e-mail ( a copy of the invoice or detail of the package contents before the goods reach your Box. You can also consult with us before you make your purchase.

Restrictions for the reception of packages via courier
The maximum value, weight and size permitted for remittance through courier service are: up to U$S 1,000 FOB value; up to 50 kilograms of weight, and up to 40 cm. x 50 cm. x 90 cm. of size (Resolution 3236 A.N.A.- A.F.I.P.). In case your package exceeds any of these limits, we suggest that you consult with our General Air Cargo service.
General Air Cargo:
Packages which may exceed the abovementioned limits can be transported through the General Air Cargo system, with the required customs clearance procedures.
Remittance of Correspondence and Packages:
You can send your mail and packages through any of the two services, which you may choose according to your needs.